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Smooth Shiny Skin
The Werx Advanced Treatment Facials

THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE... well, that's our goal.

The Werx Advance Treatment Facials

The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban living.

​The Werx Ultimate Facial featuring Dermaplaning/ Hydra Peel Microneedling/ Bi-action facelift with RF $499​

The Werx Microneedling $279 3 pre-booked package $249 per session

The Werx Hydra Peel Hydrodermabrasion Facial $199 50 min

The Werx Longevity Facial $84 Express 30min $149 50min

Create Your Bespoke Facial Experience


  1. Add-on Bi-Action Microcurrent facelift $50

  2. Add-on Extra extraction time $20

  3. Add-on Dermaplaning $60

  4. Add-on Double Peel $20

  5. Add-on décloté microneedling $50

  6. Add-on YUMI lash Lift&Tint $99

  7. Add-on Brow Lamination $79

  8. Add-on quickie brow cleanup $30

  9. Add-on Makeup Application $50

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