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Beautiful Pout
Blade & Shade

The most sought after semi-permanent makeup treatment; this, folks, is when the magic happens. Take your brows from now to WOW! Delicate fine hair strokes are lightly etched into the skin with the use of a microblade pen like implement (hand tool). The microblades are imbedded with safe and effective vegan pigment that is woven throughout the brow line then an additional shading implement adds a powder effect offering a deeper impact and definition to the brows. This treatment is ideal for those that define and add makeup to their brows before leaving the house. This is a “wake up and run out the door” look that will feeling face the day confidant even if you slept through your alarm.

Here at Brow Werx your comfort is top of mind during your treatment, we pay extra care and attention to the treatment process with a neck and shoulder massage while your numbing cream is processing. The Werx Shop environment is incredibly relaxing to reduce any anxieties. 


At Brow Werx you are in caring and highly skilled hands.  

Come and experience the difference of Brow Werx. 


$450 1.5hrs-2hrs 

$100 4 to 6 week touch-up 

$275 annual Brow Werx Loyalty Colour Tune-Up

$350 18-24 months and beyond Brow Werx Loyaty Rate Colour Tune-up



At any age, or gender thicker, fuller or simply a well defined brow will enhance and balance the eyes and facial shape. 

Very few folks are naturally blessed with ideal brows, and many of us have over-tweezed, or may have experienced Alopecia resulting in permanent 'holes' in their brows. Yes, Eyebrow makeup has the ability to create the illusion of fullness, but the daily effort of drawing on the perfect pair can be both time-consuming and difficult to accomplish; a very tough skill to master.


The art of microblading, when performed by an experienced professional with a keen, aesthetic eye for beauty, can give you the ideal pair of natural-looking brows for your face. Whether someone is wanting to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps or fill in over-tweezed brows, microblading is the ideal semi-permanent, natural-looking solution.

With the use of advance numbing cream we make the procedure painless as possible.


You may feel some tenderness or sensitivity for a few days after the procedure. As the brows heal, they may flake and form minor scabs that will fall off. At Brow Werx our aftercare regimen and ability to offer advanced skincare products greatly reduces most of the crusting and itch factor. This is one more added benefit of choosing an experienced certified Estetician for your Microblading treatment.
Initially, brows will appear darker, fading 20-30% within 1.5 - 2 weeks. Depending on how well the skin retains the pigment, clients may opt for a touch up within four to six weeks. Many clients come for an annual touch up to maintain the sharpness of the hair strokes, as well as the shape and colour of their brows. Brow Werx offers a special touch up rate for returning clients up to three years after their initial appointment.

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