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Smooth Shiny Skin
The Werx Advanced Medi-Facials

The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban living.

The Ultimate Combination of HydroPeel+Microneedling

The Ultimate culmination of skin rejuvenation and relief from the hustle and bustle of busy city livin’. This treatment features Dermaplaning/ HydroPeel/ Microneedling/ Bi-action facelifting, plumping mask and bonus aftercare resulting in dewy glowing skin. With regular treatments this will greatly increase the longevity of your skin. 

$499​ 90min

10% savings on pre-booked packages of 3 or more 


Tired of dull, textured fatigued skin? Then it’s the perfect time to wake up your collagen production with CIT Collagen Induction Therapy. Microneedling is the solution resulting in improvements with a reduction of fine lines and texture with as little as 3 treatments. Be sure to ask about our Specialty Skincare pricing on packages of 3 or more.

$299 60 min

3 pre-booked package $269 per session


Nano-needling is for those folks that are sensitive, reactive skin types that would like the benefits of microneedling without the downtime. This is for my hyperpigmentation clients as this hits the perfect depth for product absorption resulting in improvements with a reduction of hyperpigmentation. The tighter packed nano-needling create less trauma to the skin even though the needle depth is at a longer taper, this will result in a less intense CIT repair response which could potentially trigger reactive hyperpigmentation. This is all about pushing the free radical damage fighters into the targeted areas. 

$269 60 min

3 pre-booked package $249 per session

The Werx HydroPeel

Hydrodermabrasion Facial to address dehydration with a gentle peel utilizing vortex aqua peel and nourishing serums resulting in plump glowing skin.

$199 50 min $149 30 min express

The Laser Facial

Clear & Brilliant fractional laser Facial to address dullness, refinement, pigmentation, and minor acne scarring. This is the highly sought after laser treatment that offers the brilliant Glow-up.

$550 60 min $450 40min


The Vit-C Fusion Laser Facial

Clear & Brilliant Permea fractional laser Facial combined with the HydroPeel and Nano-needling to enhance Vit-C antioxidant permeability. This treatment is beneficial and safe in all seasons to address dullness, refinement, pigmentation, and minor acne scarring. This sought after antioxidant laser treatment offers the brilliant Glow-up. 

$600 75 min


The Werx Power Facial

This Purifying treatment is rooted in connection, Double cleanse, Brow Clean-up, Polish and advanced peel to remove built up pollution, and dull skin; opening your skin for ease of extractions and to allow your specifically curated corrective treatment serums to deeply penetrate. Includes the signature lifting massage, hydration plumping mask and targeted treatment serums.

This is Self-Care with Visual impact…This Is The Werx!

$179 75min With YUMI Brow Lamination $199 

The Werx Longevity Facial

Combat The 7 key factors that collectively result in Lifestyle Aging: They include external factors as well as our daily choices.

Pollution, UV, Smoke, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.

These lead to Inflammation, Oxidation, Glycation and interfere with our DNA Methylation.

Skin Regimen Longevity Complex is the solution.

Longevity is not about living longer, it's about staying healthy for longer. This Skin Regimen exclusive skin care complex supports the skin in coping with stress and lifestyle aging.

Say yes and book this treatment, take that time for self-care,  you're worth it.

$84 Express 30min $149 50min

Multiple Add-on’s with Special Pricing 


Bi-Action Microcurrent facelift $50

Extra extraction time $20

Dermaplaning $60

Double Peel $20

décloté microneedling $50

YUMI lash Lift&Tint $99

Brow Lamination $79

quickie brow cleanup $30

Makeup Application $50

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